Alkoholowy zespół płodowy

Jak leczyć alkoholowy zespół płodowy (FAS)

There is no safe dose of alcohol to be consumed by a pregnant woman without a devastating effect on fetal development. FAS is characterized by sluggish physical development of the child both before and after birth. In children with alcoholic fetal syndrome, small and large motor disorders, problems with balance and coordination, attention disorders, adaptation and memory often occur. abnormalities in the functioning of the central nervous system also contribute to many educational problems: hypersensitivity, hyperactivity, outbreaks of aggression, problems at school.

The effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in FAS:
– improvement of eye contact
– improvement of interaction with the environment and psycho-social skills
– improvement to good mood, reduction of timidity and irritability
– improvement of memory, speed of association and reaction
– bigger involvement and concentration
– improvement umiejętności językowych – szybsze przyswajanie nowych słów i pojęć, zwiększenie zasobu słownictwa
– improvement coordination and balance

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