Leczenie boreliozy

Leczenie boleriozy i powikłań w tlenoterapii hiperbarycznej

całkowite ustąpienie objawów u approx. 85% chorych , znaczna poprawa
Masz dość ciągłych bólów stawów – to może być bolerioza


Lyme disease is a multisystem infectious disease caused by bacteria (spirochete Borrelia family). Infection most commonly occurs through the bite of a tick, but also spread the bacteria Borrelia some bot flies, horseflies, lice and even mosquitoes.
These bacteria live intracellularly and cross the blood-brain barrier which strongly hinders the pharmacological treatment.
Furthermore, Borrelia in a human body is present in the 3 forms (spirochete, L form and cysts) and each of them reacts to a different type of antibiotic. Via the blood spirochetes spread to distant sites - the joints, heart, nervous system - contributing to the disorder of the system and degeneration. The cause of symptoms of Lyme disease is a toxin secreted by bacteria, the amount of which increases over time. Spirochetes derive energy from the anaerobic breakdown of glucose, which is why oxygenation of the body weakens them.

tlenoterapii hiperbaryczna

by improving microcirculation, angiogenesis and neowasklaryzacji, and above all to increase the solubility of oxygen in the plasma leads to a better oxygenation of the body and increases its sensitivity to drugs. HBOT eliminates bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa from the body. The evidence of an aerobic hyperbarism in the treatment of Lyme disease may be the occurrence of Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions. Dead spirochees secrete toxins that are gradually eliminated by the liver or kidneys. When organs do not keep up with the excretion of toxins, symptoms such as fever, headaches, chills, muscular and bone pain, pruritus, nausea and vomiting, and skin rashes are observed. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has protective properties against anaerobic bacteria toxins, thus reducing tissue damage.


Dzięki regulacyjnym właściwościom na układ immunologiczny działa na cytokiny wywołujące stany zapalne.
Korzystne efekty obejmują poprawę  funkcjonowania oraz regenerację stawów.
U chorych obserwuje się zmniejszenie odczuć bólowych oraz obrzęku stawów.
Hiperbaria tlenowa wspomaga naturalne zdolności organizmu do regeneracji i samoleczenia, pobudza neurogenezę oraz neuroprzekaźnictwo.
Pozytywne efekty obejmują również poprawę wydolności układu krążenia.
Research Fife`a et al. (1998) showed that the use of therapeutic pressure to 2,36 ATA ensured improvement or complete resolution of symptoms approx. 85% patients. Also relevant is the fact that before turning HBOT to treat some patients drug was ineffective, and even watched the deterioration of their condition.

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