Leczenie zaburzeń neurologicznych w zastosowaniu tlenoterapii hiperbarycznej

The brain needs a very large amount of oxygen to function properly about 3.3 ml of oxygenated blood for every 100 grams of brain tissue. It takes about 3-4 minutes without proper oxygen supply to create irreversible changes, damage and even death of the brain cells, especially in the cortex.

Mechanisms of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in diseases of the central nervous system:
– abolition of hypoxia, i.e. inadequate oxygenation of tissues
– improvement microcirculation conditions, e.g. through the formation of new blood vessels
– improvement metabolism in the nervous tissue
– reduce of cerebral edema due to vasoconstriction (vascular brain edema is caused by excessive accumulation of intracellular fluid. vasoconstriction or narrowing of pathologically dilated blood vessels contributes to stop the accumulation of extracellular fluid.)
– increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier
– promotes neurogenesis
– protection already damaged areas in the nervous tissue
– protection against subsequent consequences of brain injury, e.g. spastic limbs

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy by improving microcirculation, the process of creating new healthy blood vessels, and above all increasing the solubility of oxygen in the plasma, leads to better oxygenation and providing the right amount of nutrients to brain nerve cells. Improvement of neurotransmission between cells and to stimulate stem cells affect the setting operation of the entire nervous system.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is recommended in the treatment of such neurological conditions such as:
– udary mózgu
– choroba Alzheimera
– choroba Parkinsona
– mózgowe porażenie dziecięce
– urazy rdzenia kręgowego
– samoistne porażenie nerwu twarzowego
– urazy czaszkowo-mózgowe
– stwardnienie rozsiane

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