Asperger's syndrome

Jak leczyć zespół Aspergera

Many researchers include Asperger Syndrome for developmental disorders from the autism spectrum. Characteristic for this team is, first of all, strong weakening of social skills, difficulties in accepting changes, limited flexibility of thinking in the absence of mental retardation and specific, obsessive interests. In contrast, speech development and cognitive development are more normal compared to pediatric autism. Research conducted at the University of California in Davis showed a much smaller number of nerve connections in the amygdala (responsible for the processing of information in interpersonal contacts) in people with autism. The discovery of mirror neurons responsible for recognizing other people's emotions, empathy, compassion and imitation, gave a new direction to research on autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Williams et al. Indicate that mirror neurons do not work properly in people with Asperger Syndrome. The reduced activity of mirror neurons in people with autism may explain problems in understanding the intentions of people around them.

The effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the Asperger Syndrome:
– improvement of eye contact
– bigger involvement and concentration
– improvement coordination
– improvement the speed of association and reaction
– reduction hyperactivity to sound stimuli

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